COVID-19 Update

Distance Learning Update - April 13th, 2020

Assalamu Alaikum FEA Parents!

We hope this message reaches you in the best of health, spirits and Iman! Spring break is over and we wanted to take a moment to share our plans for the remainder of the school year.

Firstly, we would like to thank all parents for their commitment and devotion to our students’ education. When we rolled out distance learning Phase 1 on March 13th, our teachers prepared assignments for students to work through at home and online. But with limited interaction with teachers, parents had to step up and be much more involved in ensuring the success of this plan. We appreciate your partnership with us in facilitating a learning environment for our students. The last few weeks have been tough for you. Many of you are also adapting to life working from home. Some of you might be going through other challenges. Remember: we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need help. May Allah SWT reward you all for your hard work and sacrifice!

Moving forward, we want to improve upon Phase 1 through defined daily schedules for each class, increased direct instructions with teachers and streamlined communications and assignments. Phase 2 of the Distance Learning plan will be implemented from April 14th until the end of the school year. Teachers are looking forward to continuing your children’s education during the closure of school, through distance learning. 

We would like to take a moment to emphasize that this is not going to be a “step function” change. While we are trying to get everything set up right away, we will transition into it slowly and our teachers will work with you to set everything up. Our goal is not to stress you out with rigid schedules and additional homework, but to reduce parent overhead, increase the time and quality of direct instructions, and meet the standards needed to achieve promotion to next grade. We are actively looking for your feedback as well. Please do not hesitate to talk to teachers if something does not work for you. You can always email us at

As we navigate through these challenging times, we will continue to ensure students meet state instructional requirements. The school district has established that this model is sufficient to teach kids the standards they need to achieve to be promoted. We are fully committed to the education of our students and are investing in tools and platforms needed to facilitate this mission. 

Our priority is our community’s health, well-being and safety during this crisis and of course our students’ education. We ask for your partnership in overcoming this hurdle together. All we ask is to have your student ready for their zoom session and ready to learn; no pajamas, pets, food, siblings and other distractions. 

Phase 2

Single Link for Zoom Meetings

Teachers will be providing direct instruction to students via a single Zoom link per classroom. We will provide families with a single link and password, to avoid confusion. The same link will be used for ALL subjects incl. Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies for each grade. Please do not share the password with anyone to ensure the safety of our children. The schedule for these classes will be shared via Google Classrooms with all students. If you have any clashes or conflicts, please talk to the teachers to make arrangements.

Daily Schedules

Teachers have also created daily schedules to provide a blueprint for parents to set up their child’s day. This is to help and guide parents on replicating a classroom timetable at home. This will include the times of direct instruction for all subjects, as well as other activities. You are welcome to work with teachers to adjust it to suit your daily lives. 

Online Curriculum and Google Classrooms

To ensure access to curriculum books, FEA has purchased online curriculum for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students will access all of their books online. We will set these up as we go. Please do not worry if you are unable to access everything on day one. Our teachers will work with you and ensure all students have login access to online portals such as ThinkCentral, Everyday Maths, Go Maths, Pearsons and McGraw Hill. Additionally, we will continue to maintain the general instructional resources (i.e. Readworks, Khan Academy etc.) that were posted for Phase 1. 

We have set up Google Classrooms for all classes and subjects. Please work with your teachers to ensure you are fully set up. Assignments will be provided and handed in through Google Classrooms. We will not be using email or Whatsapp to submit assignments.

Streamlined Communication

Teachers will communicate with parents and students through Gradelink and Google Classroom only to avoid confusion. You can still reach out to teachers directly via whatsapp groups for any urgent issues.

Homework Support

Teachers will also be setting up dedicated clinic hours to provide 1:1 support to students if needed. Zoom links will be designated for homework support. Please ask your teacher for more details.

Tuition Fees

FEA relies on tuition payments to continue operating and paying our staff. At this time, we are committed to running our school as normal. Additionally, we are investing further in tools and platforms to facilitate distance learning. Please continue to support our school by making the tuition payments on time.

Tuition checks are expected at the beginning of every month. Please mail in your checks or drop them off in the mailbox outside the school. Practice social distancing guidelines at all times. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an option to make tuition payments online but we are working hard to enable it in the future.

For the remainder of the year, we are waiving all additional after-school fees. For students enrolled in after school, please continue to pay only the base fee of $525 for Pre-K, and $500 for K-6th. If you are able to pay the full amount including after-school fees, we would consider it a donation to the school and it will go a long way in helping us run the school. If you have any questions, please contact us at

If you are going through financial hardship, or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to email the FEA board at We would be happy to explore options to accommodate your needs.

May Allah SWT protect us all.

Jazak Allahu Khairan

Future Plans - March 29th, 2020

Assalamu Alaikum FEA Families,

I hope this message finds you in the best of health, spirits and Iman! As we tackle the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to keep you informed about our plans going forward.

Pre-Spring Break (March 30th -Apr 3rd)

For next week, students will continue as they have for the last two weeks. This was PHASE 1 of our virtual learning model. Please continue to follow the assignments laid out by the teachers.

Spring Break (Apr 4th – Apr 13th)

Spring break will go ahead as planned.

Post Spring Break (Apr 13th onward) – PHASE 2

As we continue to fight the pandemic, it is likely that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year. We are working to streamline our distance learning model to facilitate effective education for our students i.e. PHASE 2. This will include direct instructions through single Zoom meetings per grade, Google classrooms, digital curriculum and assignments etc. We will send out more information on this next week, in shaa Allah.

As things evolve, we will adjust and adapt our plans to better suit our students’ needs. Please continue to check this page for future updates.

We encourage you to continue talking to teachers. If you would like to reach out to us, please email us on or

JazakaAllah Khairrun

School closure - March 13th, 2020

In lieu of the Coronavirus outbreak, Folsom Educational Academy will be closed starting March 16th until further notice.

Our teachers have prepared work for your students, along with setting up online assignments through They will also assign daily IXL by gradelink communications. Please be advised that teachers will be monitoring and holding students accountable for daily participation. Students’ time off from school will be replaced by completing folder assignments and online work. A minimum of four hours daily is required for grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. In the event that there is no evidence of adequate on-line participation, upon return to the classroom, students will make-up their work during recess, and will not participate in any extra-curricular activities–in order to finish the missed assignments.

Our teachers will be available daily to answer students’ questions, and provide clarifications. You can reach them via email. Teachers will also send an email with further clarifying instructions.

Barak Allah feekum and Jazakum Allah khair for partnering with as we safely endure these unfortunate circumstances. May Allah safe-guard each and everyone of us!