Elementary School

The FEA elementary school program is based on the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of each child. The curriculum is in line with the school’s philosophy of nurturing individuality and promoting real-world connections for its students. The standards of excellence are set at and above the Common Core Standards for Math and Language and the appropriate California Content Standards for Science and Social Studies.

FEA has selected textbooks that meet the Common Core and California State Framework and Standards. The elementary program curriculum includes:

  • Reading / Language Arts – Houghton Mifflin English Series
  • Mathematics – MacMillan / McGraw Hill
  • Arabic – I Love Arabic (Islamic Service Foundation)
  • Quran & Islamic Studies – I love Islam (Islamic Service Foundation)
  • Science – Pearson Scott Foresman – California Science
  • Social Studies – Scott Foresman
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Various Teacher Created Materials across the curriculum.

The textbooks are only basic tools to help the teacher deliver a structured curriculum. The list is not comprehensive and the teacher will supplement it with individually developed lessons, field trips, activities, and other materials.

Elementary Handbook