Connie Snow


Teacher – Grade 2

As a young girl growing up on a farm in upstate New York, I used to spend my summer vacations with stuffed animals and dolls lined up in a row with books in front of them. I spent many happy hours pretending to teach them reading, writing, and math. I suppose I was always meant to be a teacher.
My own education includes 3 years in Computer Science, 2 degrees in Geography, and a Master degree in Elementary Education. I have learned teaching credentials in Connecticut and California, NCLB Highly Qualified status, and CLAD certificate. I have worked in education in a variety of capacities for nearly 20 years, beginning as a volunteer and substitute teacher when my own children were in elementary school. This will be my 7th year teaching in an Islamic setting, including a year at an American school in Morocco. To me, learning is very much a life-long endeavor and I try to instill this attitude in my students. They are born curious and only need our help to support their efforts and help them develop the skills needed to realize their potential. My teaching style is experiential and hands-on, giving students the opportunity to relate to the lessons in a meaningful way including and beyond the text.
In all my experience, I have never served a school so special and I am excited to be part of your child’s education. Thank you for welcoming me into the FEA family.