Teacher FEA

Sarah Ahmad

I joined the FEA team in 2016 and have lived in the vicinity for the last 18 years. I earned my B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Houston and then went on to raising my family. As my children turned into young adults, there was an opportunity to join the FEA team in 2016. I took the position as a means for involvement in our local Islamic school, working with children and their parents that I had known for years. I am enthralled to have seen this school grow and prosper and have a special place for FEA in my life.

FEA is a place where I am a part of so many facets of these young lives, besides office work. Whether it is stepping in as a sub, organizing an event or simply putting a band-aid on a cut, I appreciate and enjoy the daily hub-bub of this bustling school.