Teacher photo

Sharon Laraway

I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ in a large Irish, Catholic family. I am the third of four children. I completed my undergraduate degree at Kean University, receiving my BA in Broadcast Communications. After working in television and radio for several years, I met my soon to be husband. I decided to pursue a career in education and completed my MA at St. Peter’s University.

 My teaching career has seen many classrooms of varying age groups and even more students. I am blessed to have known and taught so many wonderful students. The bulk of my career has been in a low income, ESL, inclusion classrooms. Being a teacher is the hardest yet most rewarding career I have ever had so when moving from New Jersey I thought I would pursue other career paths. I found myself avoiding teaching positions and seeking employment anywhere else,but then I found FEA. Meeting administration and the students brought me right back to wanting to be in the classroom again. I was hired as a temporary teacher for the fourth grade. I enjoyed every day I had with that class and my desire to teach was reignited. After my initial assignment ended, I was asked to stay at FEA and work in other classes. I am so fortunate to return to FEA and to reunite with my former fourth graders in my fifth grade classroom. I look forward to learning and laughing as we navigate our new school year together.